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Benn Hodgkiss

Scheduling Manager

In my role as Scheduling Manager my main responsibility is the organisation of jobs both entering and leaving the Studio. This is from the initial download from the Client, assisting in the production process itself and eventually preparing them to be successfully sent back. This can be extremely busy at times and you can often find me glued to the computer.

I am also the first point of contact for many Client queries both from them and ourselves. This means that I will usually be the person you are talking to.

Some interesting facts about me!

I’ve got two n’s in my name due to a dog and a midwife. It is as dull a story as it sounds.

I enjoy foraging and frequently spend weekends in the forest.

picture of New York

Favourite Place in the World – New York

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I love travelling and exploring different cultures

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Another adventure in a different country

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The most common photo of me

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