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Michelle Gauntlett

Production Director

I am responsible for all products, from the minute they come through the door, to the minute they go out and all the bits in between!  It’s a challenging position to hold but with a little help from my friends at the chocolate shop I keep the team motivated to achieve the end goal.
With any issue, I support my team to find the correct solution, some of my daily tasks include staff management, process management, training new staff and keeping the well-oiled ‘machine’ running smoothly.

Some interesting facts about me!

I have a collection of wooden elephants, every country I visit I buy a new one!

When I was little I wanted to be a mechanic.

picture of An island in beautiful clear water

The 'Dream Location' for my property abroad

picture of Michelle with lots of wraps in her hair

Never happy with the hair!

picture of A football stadium

The weird hobby that keeps me smiling

picture of Micelle and another woman sticking out their tongues

My little princess…..Or should that be devil???

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