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Large Print Transcription Services

Our transcription staff are highly qualified professional designers and proofreaders who create accurate and user-friendly accessible large print documents.

We have a long-standing track record for the production of large print resources and bringing print to life. Over 25 years in fact… now that’s a lot of words!

Multiple Formats

We create bespoke accessible documents, designed to meet your needs and specifications. Our in-house QTVI specialists are able to assess what format would best suit your requirements and provide you with both an electronic and hard copy of the chosen format for continued access to the information.

We produce many different formats of varying size and layout, depending on the level of impairment. We will create the right document for you, with no restrictions on size. Alongside documents, we can bring photographs and drawings to life by using our best practice to make images accessible for anyone.


Our products go through a rigorous proofing cycle to ensure that the integrity of the original document remains intact. Prior to the design process, the document will undergo a modification check to ensure that any changes made to the original document will have no bearing on the final product.

Connect will go above and beyond to ensure that all aspects of the original document are made fully accessible to the end user, making no exceptions. We will go the extra mile by providing additional documents for exceptional cases as opposed to compromising on space and quality.


Reading is important to everyone. Whilst many people read braille, a significant proportion prefer to opt for large print documents.

We provide flawless large print documents, crafted with QTVI experience and following the UKAAF guidelines on creating large print materials to ensure that Everyone Can.

We’re always here to assist your business

Simply call us on 01270 449 165.

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