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C-Live, Virtual Reality Training

Introducing the UK’s FIRST virtual reality training. C-Live allows participants to take part in an immersive roleplay experience with avatars who interact in real time according to their performance.

Initially developed for teacher training, C-Live can be used in a variety of sectors, giving business professionals the chance to enhance their skills and improve their confidence.

Research has shown that interacting with a realistic, human avatar can produce the same emotions that would be felt when interacting with a real person. This is why C-Live is so effective for experiential learning.

C-Live doesn’t require any specialist equipment for participants. The innovative technology allows the software to be accessed easily through a web browser.


If you would like to see C-Live in action, you can book a free demo here.


C-Live allows teachers to practise strategies for including children with SEND in lessons, improve their communication skills, establish classroom routines and manage classroom behaviour in addition to assessing teacher effectiveness.


Medical Patient Simulation

Our simulator allows healthcare professions to practise a variety of essential interpersonal skills such as delivering negative diagnoses to family members of a patient or performing patient interviews.



Customer Service Training

C-Live provides immersive learning opportunities for front line staff in retail, hospitality and other sectors that require exceptional customer service.



Interview Skills

Our immersive training tool provides a safe environment to practise the interpersonal skills needed when preparing for and attending interviews for work or education.


Human Resources Training

C-Live provides human resources training which allows business professionals to develop the essential skills that are needed on a day-to-day basis.



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